I think I hear over and over, that Peonies are one of the most favorited flowers around. What’s not to like? Perfect colors, a romantic cupped shape, some are even fragrant! They are not that tough to grow, however they do have some requirements that make them a little more high upkeep than, state, petunias. However they are worth it. Remarkable in the garden, and as cut flowers, here’s how to grow Perfect Peonies! (and some of our fav’s to grow!).

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There are both herbaceous peonies, and tree peonies. Herbaceous are the bush kind that are the most typical, and easier to grow.

Peonies live for as much as 50 years, so consider them as a long term financial investment in your garden.

They like full sun, prosper in zones 3-8, grow 3-4 feet and blossom in May and June, depending upon the variety.

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If you purchase peony crowns in the fall, it’s a lot like picking healthy bulbs. Pick a crown with at least three good buds, then plant them dealing with up no more than 2 inches listed below the soil. Top way to keep your peony from flowering? Plant it too deep.

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Peonies like deep, fertile soil. Essentially, that implies before you plant your peony, dig deep, add lot’s of raw material, and make actually sure you have actually chosen the ideal spot. They do NOT like to be transplanted. They make their home a permanently home, so keep that in mind.

Peony do not have strong stems, so they tend to tumble over, especially when in flower. The best method to handle this is to produce a “cage” of support just as the peony is looking out of the ground in spring. That method, the plant becomes it’s support, gradually covers it, and never misses a beat!

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At the end of the season after the plant has actually passed away back with the frost, cut down and dispose of the old foliage. Do not include it to your compost pile, to prevent illness.

That’s it! Love ’em and they might outlast their owners! And in the meantime, offer you with spring flowers that are precious by both gardeners and non gardeners alike.


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These all should be easily available and are great options for any garden!

Sarah Bernhardt is one of the most planted peonies of perpetuity, and is an old made variety from the early 1900’s. It grows to 36 inches and flowers in June, and has a light fragrance.

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Festiva Maxima is another old variety that is still incredibly popular, and my fav white variety. Pure white and flecked with red, growing to 36 inches.

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Raspberry Sundae is a two tone range with a round cupped form.

Bartzella blooms mid season, and has an unusual yellow peony flower.

Gay Paree is another bi-color peony with strong appears and a mid season blossom.

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Huge Ben is a good option for peony virgins, because of the natural vigor of the plant. Oh, and it’s fragrant!

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America is our choice for a red blooming peony. It flowers early and has a nice, strong practice.

Don’t you simply love peonies when they are still buds and just before they start to bloom!

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Finally, want to be more inspired?

Breaking Peonies.

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